Special Treatments

Suffering hopelessly? Reduce your health problems with acupuncture treatment by MD qualified specialist with 40 yrs experience in 5* modern clinic.

Acupuncture therapy does not claim to be solution for all incurable diseases. Nor does it want in any way reduces solid significant value of established modern scientific medical system. Modern medicine has proved itself worldwide by multiple research, scientific trials and clinical proofs. I am myself consulting gynaecologist and obstetrician with MBBS DGO and MD qualifications, having been practicing for last 40 years have come across many conditions where allopathy has ceased to give relief to patients. I also have studied acupuncture in great details and treated many thousands by acupuncture. It is here I have witnessed many special situations where condition was incurable in allopathic terms and was resolved by acupuncture treatments. Sceptics, without understanding acupuncture or even exploring the therapy with medically qualified and established acupuncturists, might take pleasure in out rightly dismissing it as nonsense. Their theoretical argument is based on their own level of knowledge that, how can pricking dry needles into body without medicines cure or help any disease?

The problem with above such ignorance is that many potential beneficiaries miss the opportunity of relief from hopeless situations. Here are few examples of my own practice experience. There would surely be many more such unreported examples.

My own Frozen Shoulder

I was suffering from frozen shoulder years before. I had undergone MRI and other investigations. None of orthopaedic colleagues or their physiotherapists could relive my pain to slightest extent. My obstetric and gynec practice was totally disturbed for two years due to severe pain and lack of sleep due to more pain at night.

One needle, just one needle at foot opposite side of pain relived my pain completely and permanently. Dramatic impossible relief was reason for my inquisition into acupuncture science and further study, visit to republic of China and this stage.