Modern Acupuncture

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Acupuncturists following Traditional Chinese Medicine books are often confused in actual clinical practice because of the abstract imaginary concepts. The ‘Modern Acupuncture’ is the first book to explain acupuncture therapy using evidence-based, scientifically, and easy-to-understand methods. Each disease is presented in allopathic terms, brief conventional management is mentioned, and detailed acupuncture treatment is given. The illustrations of the location of points follow acupuncture prescriptions. The feature helps acupuncturists deliver the therapy without the uncertainty of where to apply needles. The book is a complete manual of Chinese acupuncture with a distinctly new and rational approach to learning. It serves as the best textbook, atlas, and charts for ready reference.

  • You have fully explained the anatomy and physiology of the human. Organ systems of the brain, spine, nerves, sense organs, musculoskeletal, and others are described in a nutshell. You will be given total volume on position, landmarks, moments, and orientation of the human body, which no other pdf acupuncture book gives.
  • The second section of this Ebook describes basic concepts, the five-element mode of action, and acupuncture techniques. Meridian and essential points of each traditional Chinese medicine are detailed with figures. Concepts and advantages of Master Tung and Master Tan acupuncture are given with numerous illustrations. Scalp acupuncture, abdominal acupuncture, auricular or ear acupuncture, trigger points, bloodletting therapy, and electro-acupuncture highlight this book. With the choice of these acupuncture methods, the acupuncturists are free to use them to enhance the success rate of cure. Laser acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, plum blossom, Gu Sha therapies are mentioned here.
  • Third section deals with the management of diseases. Management of pain, headache is followed by central nervous system diseases.
  • The fourth section deals with the usual investigations, diagnoses, prescriptions, drugs, medications, and synching with other medical systems, including managing emergencies and delivering first aid.
  • Unique bonus in the fifth section of the book on Amazon deals with the training of acupuncturists in the significant subject of actual clinical practice. This book teaches everything about starting clinical practice, management of the clinic, and other related aspects. How to choose acupuncture points is the big question answered here. The ethical responsibilities of clinicians reminded acupuncturists of their commitments towards patients, society, and profession. The author has enlisted a few of such cases in the book.
  • The paperback or online PDF book sale will serve as the essential companion desk reference book for every practicing acupuncturist. Many of his students are taking advantage of his acupuncture books available in India. Comparing the books of Dr. Fazlur Rahman, Felix Mann, Indian Umar Farooq, Eciwo, and Agrawal, acupuncturists find merit in Modern Acupuncture. Hindi, Tamil, Marathi versions of this English version of the Ebook will soon be available on Amazon for download.
  • The author of this book, Dr. Chandrashekhar Pardeshi, MBBS MD, is an allopathy consultant. Because of his passion for acupuncture, he is practicing as a full-time acupuncturist and teaching for the last 20 years. He has treated thousands of complex diseases his research has led to many new inventions in acupuncture. He has many research papers published on international forums.
  • If you want to learn to train yourself to treat patients confidently, successfully and enjoy acupuncture practice for life, this is the ultimate book for you. It’s an all-inclusive book; you will not need any other. Go and look inside the book and get to your library.

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Indian Acupuncture Online Course and Practical Training Centre

Acupuncture has proved itself as a very effective therapy all over the world. Its role in pain management and other diseases is firmly established. At least 20% of patients visiting doctors complain of pain. More than 80% of these patients are treatable more effective by acupuncture than mainstream medical systems.

Opportunities in Acupuncture:

International students can sharpen their clinical skills of clinical acupuncture, which most important part of training. It can result in raised income in the profession.

Practicing acupuncturists can enhance their confidence to the highest level and raise their success rate of relief from diseases in practice.

Doctors can add vital treatment tools in their branch of medicine and widen their patient’s base.

Indian students can start professional practice anywhere in India (except Maharashtra). Well qualified average acupuncturist earns about INR 1,50,000/- to 3,50,000 per month. For those perfectly skilled, efficient, and ethical in practice can be far higher for Students can get jobs in acupuncture colleges, wellness centers, naturopathy centers, integrative healthcare clinics, and health inttitutes. They can also be assistants to an acupuncture consultant, physiotherapist, Chiriopractitioner, acupressure consultant and earn a sizable income.

training centre

Our Mission

Our foremost goal of acupuncture classes is to let students learn acupuncture in theoretical and practical aspects of acupuncture education to become independent therapists. Similarly, the purpose of our acupuncture college is to cultivate leadership and service to the community in this emerging field of adequate medical care. Our goal is to foster the acupuncture curriculum and the academic life of the college community through our clinics, where learning is as good as can be anywhere in the world. In efforts to promote the highest quality of acupuncture courses like acupressure courses and promote the most excellent standards and realization of professional performance, we seek ways to enhance and maintain the best practices to be the best acupuncture school leading to an acupuncture diploma course in India.

Our Philosophy

We believe that any acupuncturist centre must impart practical acupuncture knowledge. Our center is of the standard of an accredited acupuncture school or practical learning centre. Students interact with patients empathetically on the way to acupuncture degree or acupuncture certification through our onsite practical training.

Ours is only an acupuncture training course in India that provides hands-on practice on patients under the supervision of a senior acupuncturist after completing acupuncture training online. The number of students in each batch is limited to provide personal attention to each student. The syllabus is designed to couple knowledge with experience, reinforcing information learned in the institute so that acu courses become a working body of knowledge used and applied as in any Chinese medicine school. Students are trained to think independently while managing patients and their ailments to pursue their acupuncture courses degree.


The center is located in the heart of Nashik city of Maharashtra, India. Another center is nestled in a valley surrounded by mountains on the main road near Trimbak (Nashik). Both centers are conveniently placed near hostel facilities for students to choose from. It is one of the oriental medicine schools supporting practical experience for acupuncture degrees and acupuncture certification holders. Since acupuncture degree requirements need practical training, it is one of the best acupuncture schools. For any acupuncture courses of distance learning that need valuable practical exposure, this institute provides the solution. We also have added a very effective methodology of Tung acupuncture and Tan acupuncture. The institute conducts online acupuncture courses free of charge for tribal students who want to learn acupuncture.


The center has a team of experienced acupuncturists headed by Dr. Chandrashekhar Pardeshi MBBS, DGO, MD, who has 40 years of clinical experience as a consultant and acupuncturist. He has undergone acupuncture training in China and has comprehensive experience in treating and conducting acupuncture courses.

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