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Acupuncture Pain Treatment Doctor Nashik

Treat your pain and other diseases by acupuncture without drugs by expert MD with 40 years of experience in most modern 5* clinic.
No side effects.

Acupuncture Treatment for Pain.

Effective, No Side Effects!

If you are suffering from pain anywhere in body, acupuncture treatment is ideal for you. Acupuncture also treats many other diseases like those given by World Health Organisation Surprisingly acupuncture treatment may be helpful in diseases when conventional treatments have fail.

Acupuncture treatment involves simply application at particular acupuncture points on body for some time. Needles are very fin, flexible and almost painless. Results are many times instant and long lasting.

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Dr. Pardeshi Acupuncture Pain Therapy Centre, Nashik, is a well known acupuncture clinic in India for effective treatments of pain and many other diseases. It is conducted by Dr Chandrashekhar Pardeshi (MBBS, MD), with 40 years experience. Besides his high qualification, he is also rigorously trained in acupuncture science including training in Republic of China. He is in position to combine allopathic and acupuncture therapy for best results. The acupuncture clinic has dedicated team of associates for managing suffering patients. The clinic is situated in central part of Nashik city, so patients don’t have to search for “acupuncture near me”. Dr. Chandrashekhar Pardeshi has treated thousands of medical problems successful with acupuncture treatment in Nashik and all over Maharashtra and India. The centre has very positive patient's reports