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Suffering from dysmenorrhoea, breast pain during menstruation? Get rid of pain by acupuncture without drugs by gynaecologist, MD DGO, with 40 yrs experience. No drugs and side effects!

Dysmenorrhoea is painful menstruation period cramps, where period pain may occur during, before, or after menstruation. The menstrual cramps pain occurs in the lower abdomen, in the lower back or even the legs. Pain can be as colic, sharp pain that often come and go or a constant, dull pain.

In severe cases, nausea and vomiting, sometimes light headedness can be present. Pain may last for one-to-three days. High levels of prostaglandin hormones produced by the uterus cause the menstrual cramping, triggering abnormal muscle contractions that reduce blood flow in areas of the uterus.

Types of Dysmenorrhoea

Primary dysmenorrhoea begins at young adolescence, can remain up to early adulthood. It is due to hormonal imbalances that cause excessive uterine muscle contractions.

Secondary dysmenorrhoea may occur in women who are in their thirties and forties and is often associated with pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), endometriosis, and fibroids. Diseases of women reproductive organs like endometriosis, adenomyosis, pelvic endometriosis, fibroids and cervical stenosis may cause restriction of blood supply of uterus causing it go into muscle spasm. It results into secondary dysmenorrhoea causing menstrual cramps.

Dysmenorrhoea Treatment

Acupuncture is effective treatment of dysmenorrhoea as according to many scientific studies as indicated below -

American Journal of obstetrics and Gynaecology

Additional acupuncture in patients with dysmenorrhea was associated with improvements in pain and quality of life as compared to treatment with usual care alone and was cost-effective within usual thresholds.”

Springer Link

“With the same needling manipulation, 30 min of acupuncture treatment achieves a better efficacy for primary dysmenorrhoea.”

US National Library of Medicine

“Our findings suggest that acupuncture may be indicated to treat dysmenorrhea related pain, in particular in those subjects in whom NSAID or oral contraceptives are contraindicated or refused, pain control being substantially higher than what might be expected only with a placebo effect.”

(Our opinion is that, acupuncture should be first choice for dysmenorrhoea.)

Research Direct of Western Sydney University

“In conclusion, TCM acupuncture, irrespective of treatment timing, provided significant clinical benefits for women with primary dysmenorrhea, with reductions in pain severity, duration, secondary menstrual symptoms and analgesic intake”

British Medical Journal

“Conclusions Acupuncture point injection of vitamin K3 relieves menstrual pain rapidly and is a useful treatment in an urban outpatient clinic.”

Conventional Dysmenorrhoea Treatment

Dysmenorrhoea treatment management includes, NSAID like Ibuprofen or antispasmodic tablet like Dysmen immediately on sensing that, pain is going to start. Spasmodic dysmenorrhoea treatment in adults and in young may also sometimes need antispasmodic drugs. If in spite of above treatment dysmenorrhoea persists, you need to be investigated with clinical examination and sonography

Dysmenorrhoea Home Treatment

You may use hot water bottle for fomentation or massage of lower abdomen. Dysmenorrhoea treatment in Hindi speaking regions under banners of dysmenorrhoea homeopathic treatment, dysmenorrhoea Unani treatment, dysmenorrhoea treatment in Ayurveda and dysmenorrhoea natural treatment are commonly sought, but efficacy is unknown.

Prevention of Dysmenorrhoea

Certain life behaviour changes like exercises are seen to be reliving symptoms of dysmenorrhoea as per Cochrane reviews of 5 randomised studies. Life style modification, exercises etc.

Breast Pain

Breast Pain Causes

Some women have sore breasts or breast tenderness called mastalgia. Pain in breast before and during period may follow cyclical pattern. Breast pain during period or breast pain after period may be due to cyclical hormonal changes in body of woman. The breast pain after ovulation or breast pain during ovulation is due to progesterone surge.

Women may experience breast pain after menopause. Therefore breast pain in PMS is common symptom. Breast pain syndrome is associated with many other symptoms related to hormonal changes. Breast pain in pregnancy is due to engorgement and is preparation for milk production after delivery. Sometimes breast cyst can cause pain in right breast or pain left breast. Causes of breast cancer are not known.

Many times it difficult to pinpoint exact causes however following reasons may contribute to pain. Causes may be reproductive hormones related to pregnancy and menopause, breast structure changes like lactation, medication use, some hormones, antidepressants may be associated with breast pain, fatty acid imbalance may affect circulating hormones and the sensitivity to breast tissue, breast surgery, scar of breast surgery can create pain, breast size, heavy breasts may give pain.

Reason for breast pain is generally hormonal changes. Many time patients ask – does breast cancer hurt? Answer is “not necessary.” However sometimes pain can be breast cancer only symptoms. Signs of breast cancer can also be puckering skin and lump in breast. Breast pain symptom generally of breast cancer in woman is not pain, but lump in breast.

Breast Pain Diagnosis

Breast Pain may need clinical examination by doctor, mammography and biopsy to establish cause of pain as per opinion of doctor.

Breast Pain Treatment

Breast Medicines : Breast pain meds are analgesics like Paracetamol, vitamin E, Primrose oil. Drugs like Danazol and Tamoxifen needs careful consideration of treating doctor. Hormones can be useful in cyclical pain. Approach of treatment is to eliminate cause of pain, dose adjustment of contraceptives, and adjustment of hormone replacement therapy

Acupuncture treatment of breast pain

Acupuncture is simplest easiest most effective breast pain relief when diagnosis is clearly made and treatable cause is taken care of.

British Medical Journal Reports

“This is a strange finding on the use of HT7 and I have no idea how or why it works for breast pain. Maybe it works via the mechanism of heterotopic noxious conditioning stimulation, which is probably not point-specific.”

Menopausal Symptoms

Symptoms of menopause include hot flashes, night sweats lower sex drive, discomfort during sex, irregular periods, fatigue, mood swings. Some of worse premenstrual syndrome symptoms can be urine leakage when coughing or sneezing, insomnia memory loss, headaches and joint pain.

Premenopausal symptoms or peri-menopause symptoms may be of mild intensity like night sweats and hot flashes in women. Signs of menopause are vaginal dryness, breast tenderness and weight gain. Premenopausal symptoms may be mild to severe, and are brought on as our bodies try to adapt to decreasing amounts of oestrogen. Generally menopause age is around forty-five but can be have wider range. Menopause is period when woman stops menstruating. It is a changing period marking the hormonal state in a woman’s body. Menopause age, the time of change may last a few months to several years.

Menopause Treatment

Acupuncture treatment is highly effective to cope up with symptoms of menopause as confirmed by many scientific studies like few below.


“Acupuncture and auricular acupressure can be used as alternative treatments to relieve menopausal hot flashes for those bilaterally ovariectomized women who are unable or unwilling to receive HRT.”

Medscape Mentions

“Acupuncture is an effective treatment for women who are experiencing natural menopause. A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials indicates that acupuncture reduces hot flash frequency and severity and improves quality of life (QoL) in the vasomotor domain. The beneficial effects of acupuncture on hot flashes persists for as long as 3 months.”

US National Library of Medicine Report

Acupuncture significantly reduced the severity of nocturnal hot flashes compared with placebo. Given the strength of correlations between improvements in sleep and reductions in nocturnal hot flashes, further exploration is merited.”

Acupuncture is natural approach which helps body to adjust itself to new life. The mental and emotional symptoms that you are experiencing will help create a clear picture on which your practitioners can create a treatment plan. Conventional treatment of menopause is hormonal replacement and lifestyle adjustments.

Yoga Ayurvedic and Homeopathic Treatments

Yoga treatment for menopausal symptoms, especially due hormonal causes can be effective. Yoga involving too much pressure on joints or stretching or rotation of arm or legs can irritate nerve around and exacerbate complaints.

Similarly Tai Chi treatment for menopausal symptoms is effective. Qigong treatment for menopausal symptoms needs special training and can be useful tool of management. Respect warning signal of pain from body when doing exercises.

Exercises must be slowly progressive. Sudden load on muscles or must be avoided. Formula of gentle progress must not be forgotten. Patients report having taken Ayurvedic treatment for menopausal symptoms and reported some relief also. Similarly, Homeopathic treatment for menopausal symptoms pain has also had some satisfied patients. Mediation treatment of menopausal symptoms is quite effective. Acupressure treatment for menopausal symptoms has limited scope


Common accompanying symptoms of endometriosis include dysmenorrhoea, pathological uterine bleeding, and bleeding at sites other than the endometrium during menstruation. Some women bleed at sites as distant as the naso-pharynx during menstruation and get nosebleeds during the menses.

What is endometriosis?

Uterus is lined inside by endometrial cells. Endometriosis is the abnormal growth of endometrial tissue outside the uterus. The misplaced endometrial cells outside uterus respond to hormonal stimulus just like the endometrium inside uterus is supposed to resulting into bleeding and endometriosis pain. During such menstrual period there is no way for this menstrual blood to leave the body as it is outside uterus. Bleeding outside uterus; results into pain and sometimes very severe symptoms of endometriosis causing pain. Prostaglandins are said to be the causative factor in menstrual pain. Painful periods are signs of endometriosis and women with endometriosis have higher levels of certain of the prostaglandins. The bleeding tissue in further endometriosis stage may also cause adhesions and scar tissue.

Endometriosis Treatment

Acupuncture treatment is good alternative approach to endometriosis in relief of pain Western medical treatment for endometriosis cure is difficult and may include pain relieving drugs, laparoscopy and laser removal of the endometrial tissue. Other drugs may be used to control the hormonal stimulation of the endometrium to reduce endometriosis symptoms.

Endometriosis is a condition where conventional management do not give satisfactory results as far as pain is concerned. The primary outcome measure was decrease in pain from endometriosis. Secondary outcome measures included improvement in quality of life scores, pregnancy rate, adverse effects and rate of endometriosis recurrence.

US National Library of Medicine

“Based on the reported studies, acupuncture could be tried as a complement as it is an overall safe treatment.”

Springer Link

“Conclusion: Combined use of acupuncture and herbs has a marked effect on endometriosis and the adverse reaction is lower than the control group.”


Acupuncture in gynaecology has wide applications because of its global neuro-hormonal effects on body. Of the wide range of conditions in which acupuncture is effective in gynaecology, dysmenorrhoea, breast pain, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease and infertility are most common areas of use. Surprisingly relief in painful conditions are instant and long lasting. Effect is modulated through analgesic and oedema controlling effect. We as qualified gynaecologist (MD) have been using acupuncture extensively including as anaesthetic (analgesic) for minor surgeries like dilatation and curettage routinely. Its use in postmenopausal syndrome to control hot flushes and emotional issues is very effective.