Backache Spinal Pain Treatment

Suffering from backache pain? Get relief with acupuncture treatment by MD specialist with 40 yrs of experience in modern 4.5* star rated clinic in Nashik without medicines and without any side effects. Dr Pardeshi Acupuncture Pain Therapy has been providing backache treatment in Nashik for more than 40 years as exemplified by this  review.

Back pain may start as mild, slow and become annoying and severe and debilitating. It may come and start suddenly or go. If it is due to repetitive injury like sitting in front of computer, start as ache and progress to severe state. Pain that comes and goes is due to degenerative factors and flares up sometime. Injury will give sudden and immobilising pain. Backache may be local achy and dull or severe back pain.

Pain may be sharp, burning, radiating or tingling to thighs or legs called sciatica pain. It can present as spasmodic, tight, in low back pelvis or hips. Pain that is dull or achy contained to the low back. It may precipitate on long sitting, standing. It may also make it difficult to shift from standing and stand straight or walk. Site of back pain may be related to place of pathology. L3-L4 causes shooting pain in front of thigh sometimes along with numbness or tingling. It may come down to knee or foot. L4-L5 pathology presents as sciatica and reaches in calf. L5-S1 is responsible for most of sciatic pain

Symptoms that need immediate attention

Sometimes low back pain or back muscle pain can signal a serious underlying medical condition. If warning of lower back pain symptoms along with weakness in lower limb, numbness or tingling, fever, weight loss or problems with bowel and/or bladder control, it might indicate that variety of serious conditions are present. Situation need full investigation of cause and treatment accordingly.

  • Patients having back pain after trauma also need medical attention immediately.
  • Recent weight loss not due to lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise.
  • Fever and chills
  • Unresolved abdominal pain with backache
  • Loss of bladder and bowel control

Types of Pain

Back problems are the single leading cause of disability worldwide; it cause 40% of missed working days. Backache forms 20% patients consulting doctors. About nine out of ten adults experience back pain at some point in their life, and five out of ten working adults have back pain every year.

Mechanical pain is mostly to overloading and is due to muscle ligaments, tendons or bone issues. Such pain is localises to back, buttocks or upper thighs.

Radicular pain is due to spinal nerve being pressed or irritated. Such pain is called sciatica pain that radiate to thighs or legs.

Traumatic back pain develops due to injury to back which is most common. Other types can be one due to infection, inflammation, neuropathic, claudication, Stenosis. Pain from other part of body can be presented as back pain and is called ‘referred pain’.

Functions of your back

Your spinal column is made up of combination of complex structures of strong bones, flexible ligaments, tendons, extensive muscles and highly sensitive nerves. Intricate arrangement of different anatomical structures in spine allow you to do variety of complex actions – like stand in upright position, bend, twist and jump. It also allows man to move with accuracy, absorb shock while motion, protect brain, spinal cord and all nervous systems. Back muscles are responsible for all motions like flexing and side bending, rotating the hips while walking, and supporting the spinal column. Nerves that supply sensation and power the muscles, in the pelvis, legs, and feet also supply the low back.

Chronic Backache

Backache pain symptom is labelled as ‘chronic’ when it lasts for more than three months. It is one which does not respond to initial treatment and needs detailed examination. If you have chronic back pain you may have limited range of motion and/or painful upon touch also. . Muscle spasm is very important cause of low back ache and unfortunately missed by many doctors treating such cases. It may be due to degenerative changes in disc between vertebra and facet joint or from muscle spasm due to physical or psychological reasons. You need to note that pain from pathology in viscera of abdomen or pelvis may also be perceived as backache. Backache after sex needs improvement of general health and proper exercises.

When one vertebra is displaced forward compared with one below affecting back, may result into Spondylolisthesis leading to back pain. You may notice that pain is increased by activity and relived by rest and may be associated with pain and numbness in legs and can be cause of back ache. It is more common in women.

Common causes of chronic lower back pain are - degenerative disc disease, lumbar herniated disc, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, facet joint dysfunction, spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, spondylolisthesis, trauma, deformity, compression fracture can also be.

Conditions like – infection, tumour and autoimmune disease can be back pain causes.

Sub acute low back pain is one which has not responded initial management and has lasted for 6 weeks to three months. It is generally due to muscle or joint sprain. Detailed investigation is essential to pinpoint cause of such pain.

Acute Low Backache

Backache of recent origin of less than 3 three months is classified under acute ‘acute’ backache. Injury to the muscles, ligaments, joints, or discs cause most acute low back pain. The healing response in such cases is immobilization and pain. Majority of episodes of acute back pain are self-limiting and non-progressive and do not need medical intervention. Most acute back pain syndromes are due to sprain in muscles due to overload or referred from other muscles in the acute phase, which typically lasts from two weeks to three months. One must remember that acute backache due to prolapsed inter-vertebral disc or slipped disc is very rare.

In other words, if prolapsed disc is diagnosed from MRI, it may not be cause of pain. Even if acute backache is due to slipped disc, it can be treated with conservative treatment of rest, along with management of pain with acupuncture or painkillers. Pardeshi Acupuncture Pain Therapy is effective treatment for acute backache in Nashik. You may need rest for period depending upon progress of recovery which may be 1 -2 weeks. Majority of patients will recover completely. Surgery is needed only in cases when there is no improvement over month of rest or in case of worsening of complaints increasing restriction of movements. Surgery is last option in back pain treatment plan and least likely needed.

How do you know cause of backache?

You need to tell doctor about your information about current symptoms. Your job profile, general posture, injury, your activity level, sleeping habit etc should be known to doctor. Doctor will examine by observation, your gait, range of mobility, palpation, reflex tests, leg raising test and other neurological exam.

He might ask for X ray, MRI or mylographic study in rare case. Diagnosis needs to be established before starting treatment. Lower back pain right side or lower back pain in left side depends upon which side of nerve roots are involved.

Lower back pain acupuncture treatment

Best back pain treatment option is acupuncture. All back pain treatment centres should follow use the option in back pain treatment guidelines. Acupuncture is effective , safe and economical. Back pain treatment by acupuncture cost less than other therapies and is far better than over the counter medicines and long lasting in hands of back pain treatment doctor.


“Guidelines from the American Pain Society and American College of Physicians say doctors should consider acupuncture as an alternative therapy for patients with chronic low-back pain that's not helped by conventional treatment.”

Spine Universe quotes

“Today, as people are becoming more aware of alternative treatments—and seeking pain relief options that do not include medication—acupuncture seems to have jumped to the top of many people’s radar. Still, I find it interesting when people who have suffered from a certain condition long term consider acupuncture a “last resort” option.”

Spine Health

“The NIH also found that acupuncture might be useful as a treatment for low back pain, as well as many other conditions,”

National Institute of Health

“Results from a number of studies suggest that acupuncture may help ease types of pain that are often chronic such as low-back pain, neck pain, and osteoarthritis/knee pain. It also may help reduce the frequency of tension headaches and prevent migraine headaches. Therefore, acupuncture appears to be a reasonable option for people with chronic pain to consider.”

Management of Chronic low backache

People suffering from back pain are likely to suffer physical social and psychological issues. Therefore lower back pain treatment options in managing backache pain of chronic nature needs multi-disciplinary approach. For back pain relief in women her family history is essential to check social issues. Back pain medicine may relieve pain for short time but, their long term use considering tolerance, habituation and side effects are major drawbacks. Exercises though advocated routinely to strengthen lumbar muscles have no role in reducing low backache. On the contrary they may overload lumbar spine to unacceptable level.

Back Pain Medicine

NSAID like ibuprofen can be of temporary help. Acetaminophen is used for its safety. Muscle relaxants may relieve pain, if it’s due to muscle spasm. Antidepressants and muscle relaxants hardly make any difference to relief. Backache management is not restricted to only back and its pain, whole health of patient needs to taken in consideration as it can be due to multifactor situation. In case of any question regarding backache pain treatment, please contact Dr Pardeshi Acupuncture Pain Therapy Nashik for free advice.

Spinal supports being widely advocated by doctors and used by patients sometimes on their own are proved to be OF NO USE. They actually can harm by limiting movements of back and also may increase the pain.

  • What Should I Do if I Have Back Pain?

    First you must plan to avoid backache by lower back pain exercises or backache treatment yoga. When one does develop back pain, the first thing an individual should do is check the symptoms for proper approach to backache relief or backache remedy. Evaluate yourself to discover how long the pain has been in your back. The severity of the back pain is also a factor to consider. Another thing is to determine a likely cause for the back pain, by reviewing your activities in the recent past to see if you may have ‘pulled a muscle’ or if you might have injured your back in any way.

    There are many home remedied for backache which may make situation bearable. Take backache pills like anti-inflammatory drug like aspirin for any inflammation that may be developing in your back. If the pain persists or grows worse, it is time to contact a acupuncturist doctor. If you happen to suffer from an illness like arthritis or breast cancer, it could be cause back problems.

    You don’t need to be alarmed when a pain in your back suddenly appears. In most cases, the pain eases away shortly. However, if persistent, it must not be brushed off and a visit to the doctor is mandatory in finding the way to get relief.

    Back pain relief can be achieved through movement proper exercises. The ligaments and tendons in the body are also designed for motion, and they also require working out. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but exercise and stretching is a good idea for anyone willing to do something about an annoying pain in the back. It may take weeks or even months for the spine and back muscles to yield to acceptance of the motion, and even longer to show signs of relief, but back pain cure one stands a better chance by welcoming motion into their lives. Backache during pregnancy needs and special exercises care.

    In case of any question regarding backache pain treatment in Nashik, please contact Dr Pardeshi Acupuncture Pain Therapy for free advice.

  • Home Treatment of Back Pain

    There are many back pain remedies. Short rest for few days can be solution for most of short lived back pain and is one of lower back pain relief method. It allows body to heal and adjust to problems causing back pain. Another method is avoiding activities causing back pain. Hot or cold fomentation of back pain treatment ice or heat does give temporary relief. Back pain treatment in Ayurveda or back pain treatment in homeopathy is also commonly used by patients.

    Back pain treatment at home in Hindi speaking belt is sometimes very usual. Back pain treatment home remedy is major source of relief in rural India. Use of back pain treatment machine or back pain treatment with hammer, has been favorite in certain section of population for pain relief for back pain.

  • Exercises for back pain

    Stretching helps substantially in low back pain. Stretching for 30 seconds to be adjusted to pain factor is good beginning. One must not over exert in any exercise.

    Back pain treatment at home in Hindi speaking belt is sometimes very usual. Back pain treatment home remedy is major source of relief in rural India. Use of back pain treatment machine or back pain treatment with hammer, has been favourite in certain section of population for pain relief for back pain.

    Strengthening exercises of abdomen, hip and thigh muscles which support and keep spine in position helps back pain. Any exercise which increases cardiovascular functions will help back pain. Yoga has substantial role in prevention and treatment of back pain. Use of back pain treatment massage helps blood flow and relaxes muscles improving back pain.

  • Yoga Ayurvedic and Homeopathic Treatments

    Yoga treatment for backache pain, especially due to spondylosis can be effective. Yoga involving forward bending or stretching back of legs can irritate sciatic nerve and exacerbate complaints therefore needs slow progressive movements. Sudden load on muscles or must be avoided. Formula of gentle progress must not be forgotten. Similarly Tai Chi treatment for backache pain is effective. Qigong treatment for backache pain needs special training and can be useful tool of management.

    Homeopathic treatment for backache pain has also had some satisfied patients. Similarly patients report having taken Ayurvedic treatment for backache pain and reported some relief. Acupressure treatment for backache pain has limited scope.

  • Surgical treatment of back pain

    As long one is able to continue with daily activities, non surgical treatment is advised. It is considered only if all other methods have failed and there is likely complication happening in severe lower back pain. Surgical treatment is no sure back pain cure. Surgeries can be- decompression surgeries, lumbar spinal fusion options, posterior motion device and lumbar artificial disc.

Tailbone Pain (Coccydynia) Coccygeal pain (tail bone of spine) may be due to acute or repeated injury to bone, ligaments or pelvis floor muscles. Tailbone pain is felt mainly by women during being seated or act of sitting or act of standing. There is no pain lying down, walking or during act of intercourse. Pain may be ill defined throbbing sensation in perineum. It may also spread to buttocks hips and back of thighs. Tailbone pain causes are injury including fractured tailbone, long hours of sitting and others.

Treatment of tailbone pain Acupuncture is far more effective treatment than any other therapy for coccyx pain relief. Dr Pardeshi Acupuncture Nashik has been pioneer in tailbone pain relief or Coccydynia treatment as revealed in this Coccydynia treatment review

Coccydynia treatment at home consists of soft pillow under seat and fomentation. Coccydynia treatment in Ayurveda, coccydynia treatment in homeopathy is claimed to be have some effect. Coccydynia treatment exercise, coccydynia treatment yoga and coccydynia treatment physiotherapy, will have little effect problem. Patients with coccyx pain should avoid long car or airplane rides), bike riding, horseback riding, and canoeing to avoid exacerbation of attack of pain.

“I am software professional. I had severe pain in back and coccyx (tailbone) since many months. I tried many treatments but it was not getting well. After I took Dr Pardeshi Acupuncture Pain Therapy, my pain is completely gone!”